Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

Fun Story: Back in 2011 when I worked for Hanky Panky (HP) as a planning analyst, I attended a launch party for the brand. One of the founders of HP asked me to go talk to Olivia Palermo who was also in attendance because she (founder) did not know who Olivia was. To be completely honest, at that point in my life, I had never heard of OP either. I went over to say hi, to which she kindly responded and made small talk. IF I HAD ONLY KNOWN BACK THEN. Now, I'd  love to see her and have a quick chat! But at least we spoke once!

That back story leads me to today's post, my recent obsession with her. Her style skews more ladylike and feminine than I usually find myself drawn to, but I can't resist a pretty face with good style and a love for dogs. I admire how polished she always looks and that she isn't afraid to wear color and flat shoes! I always admire women of fashion that style great outfits featuring flat shoes #realistic.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 OP outfits followed by OP inspired accessories that I'm dreaming about!






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