Monday, February 1, 2016

How I Maintain My Glow

When I arrive home from work, after kissing my husband and pups, I almost immediately head to the bathroom to remove my makeup (my favorite wipes are e.l.f.'s Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes). I wear makeup everyday that I'm expected to look polished and presentable (aka most days) and on my days off and Sunday I always opt to go makeup free if possible. For me, going without makeup requires that I keep my skin in tip top condition, which requires a regular commitment to skincare and beauty products that keep me glowing.

Over the past few years, I've begun to really shift my focus from covering up acne and imperfections towards protecting and embracing the skin that I'm in. I now wear SPF 30 moisturizer every day, take off my makeup daily (I am absolutely religious about this step in my process), use a face mask and scrub 1-2 times weekly, and apply facial and eye oils nightly before bed (another one I'm religious about).

My husband, and previous travel companions can attest to how serious I am about staying hydrated and keeping my skin alight. I'm prone to fleeting fits of obsession, but taking care of my skin has become a consistent obsession of mine and sharing my routine has become a fun project for me, I'll tell anyone who will listen.

Keep reading for my skincare and lifestyle picks that keep me feeling beautiful and healthy, while maintaining my inner glow!

The foundation of my beauty routine is a stand-by facial wash, and I am still using this one by Promise Organic. [read more here
Once my current face wash runs out, I'm going to give Glossier's Milky Jelly cleanser a try, I'm very intrigued! 

I love to indulge in a face mask 1-2 times per week. I've been alternating between Tata Harper's Resurfacing Mask and Glossier's Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and Moisturizing Moon Mask. 

My nighttime routine ALWAYS consists of a couple drops of this Hana Eye Oil followed by 4 pumps of my absolute favorite Aura Cacia facial oil Last but not least, I add a liberal squeeze of Glossier's Balm Dotcom to my lips!

As someone who suffers from eczema, I am very serious about moisturizing. At times, my face feels dry after washing and/or removing my makeup and toners have become my answer to that. I love Lush's Tea Tree Water for when my skin is breaking out or feeling a bit clogged. Caru's Neroli + Immortelle toner is perfect for after working out, in the morning, and in the warmer months. I also love Vichy's Eau Thermale spray for freshening up, especially when flying. 

In addition to caring for my skin on the outside, I take a few steps to enhance my inner glow. Everyday I take a (gummy) multi vitamin as well as (a gummy) B12. ( I love gummy candies and taking gummy vites ensures that I actually do so.)

Aside from my gummy vites, I often make a body scrub from almond oil and granulated sugar (1 part oil to 2 parts sugar). 

Another favorite routine of mine is dry brushing. You can read more about it here

What I'm about to say is not revolutionary. When I'm on my game and drinking tons of water, my skin is 100 times clearer and more radiant. I try to drink 3-4 liters of seltzer a day, if I'm home all day, it's usually more. I'm not a huge fan of flat water, so I use my SodaStream to make seltzer from filtered water and I tell myself that it's better than nothing! 


  1. I LOVE this post. I've recently made it a priority to take off all my makeup immediately (horrible that it's taken me this long)

    I'm also about to buy a few of Glossier's products, so I'll let you know how that goes!

    Again, LOVE this post!

    1. Thanks love! Please keep me posted on your Glossier purchases!