Thursday, June 18, 2015

London Calling & Travel Musings

I've been SO quiet this past week or so, and for once, I have good reasoning! I'm leaving for London today and I have been completely preoccupied with prepping for my trip (I haven't flown since 2012) and wrapping things up at work so I can travel with a sound mind.

I'll have very limited contact with the online world, but I'll be checking in via Instagram and posting here if possible (I'm praying for lots of WiFi).

I just wanted to check in and say, "I'll see ya when I get back" and to share a few minor tips that I've been living by when prepping for this trip.

  • Keep a brand new notebook related to your trip
    • Store restaurant recommendations/must sees
    • Keep a "To Do" and "To Pack" list
    • Plan outfits by day/night
  • Purchase and actually use 1 million different sized pouches
    • Store items by category (cosmetics/travel docs/wires and chargers/clean socks/etc)
    • Use shoe bags and purse dust bags when traveling to stay organized/clean
  • Purchase a set of travel Space Bags (here), YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT
    • Organize clothes by type
    • Use them to sort clean vs. dirty clothes on the way home
  • Invest in a nice rolley carry on
  • If traveling internationally, don't forget to snag some electric adapters (here)
  • Leave your paperback books at home and load on up on ebooks
    • Grab a nice high end glossy mag at the airport to enjoy en route
  • Load up on healthy, satisfying snacks
    • airplane food sucks ass
    • I grabbed trail mix/100 cal packs/luna bars
  • Use clothing rack dividers to keep your travel wardrobe sectioned off while preparing
  • Tell everyone about your trip
    • They will become jealous
    • Random people will give you recommendations

Friday, June 12, 2015

Couture on Tour

This past weekend I was once again invited to attend the annual fashion show at Bergen County Technical High School. This is my 4th time attending the show and I have to say that every single year I find myself more and more impressed. Here are a few snaps of my absolute favorite pieces in the show!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gray Malin @ The Parker [Palm Springs]

Is it just me or is every one (mainly bloggers) vacationing in Palm Springs? I'm sure it's just the Palm Springs tourist association trying to pull more visitors into their area but it's completely working on me (my husband constantly reminds me that I'm an easy mark for advertising).

Regardless, I feel like I've seen a TON of instagram posts from Palm Springs (Check out Jenny from Margo and Me's Bachelorette party and Justin Duprie's wedding via his sister Jacey (of Damsel in Dior).

I've also been stalking the "ParkerPalmSprings hashtag on IG and it provides GORGEOUS inspiration images, especially during the past few rainy/humid/muggy days here.

In previous posts I've shared my love for Gray Malin (here and here) and I'm about to share a little more. He recently released a collaboration with The Parker hotel in Palm Springs, thus marrying two of my recent favorite inspiration pieces (his work and Palm Springs). See below for a few of his awesome prints.

*All images are the work of Gray Malin and are borrowed from him. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Weekend Wear

On Saturday night I met my friends for dinner and drinks at Egan & Sons in Montclair and they were kind enough to snap a few pics of my outfit. I won't lie to you, I was really feeling this outfit. I was comfortable and still felt dressed up a bit. I'm surprised to even write this, but this cargo vest has moonlighted as part of an Axl Rose costume and has been worn several times since as part of my everyday attire. 

Vest (Similar), Tank (Similar), White Jeans (a.n. Designs via The Fig Leaf), Sandals (Old, similar), Sunglasses (Similar)

Monday, June 8, 2015


I have very recently started having those stirrings deep in my belly that tell me it may be time to start considering a certain big step in my life.

I've been thinking it may be time to introduce denim short overalls into my wardrobe.

Me: "Will you still love me if I wear overalls"
Jon: "Maybe, I can't promise anything"

Basically, I'm gonna risk my marriage for fashion but this won't be the first or last time that happens.

Obviously they have to be done right, and my inspo is coming straight from my favorite Brooklyn Blonde seen below, consider yourselves warned, denim overalls will be seen on this blog soon!

Monday, June 1, 2015


My love affair with snakeskin has spanned several years and even resulted in a tattoo on my right ankle. I've had this skirt for over a year, just waiting for the right occasion to bust it out. An afternoon in church for a confirmation might not seem appropriate to all-my husband lovingly pointed out that the devil was represented by a snake-but the way I see it, church is about coming as you are. Plus, I don't follow any rules but my own. 

I was desperately trying to save this unbelievably soft sweater tank for my upcoming trip to London, but I couldn't resist pairing it with this slighty too tight pencil skirt!

Sunglasses (Free People), Tank (Red23 via The Fig Leaf), Skirt (Old, Similar), Bag (Vintage Gucci), Cuff (Baublebar)