Monday, August 31, 2015

China Through the Looking Glass

Guys, you have until September 7th to get yourself to The Met to see this exhibit. It was absolutely beautiful. My best friend and I attend the costume institute exhibits every year for the past 5 or so years but this one was one of my favorites (Savage Beauty will likely be #1 forever). This exhibit spans several galleries and floors and feels endless (in a good, but also slightly confusing way). I'd say that of all the exhibits we've seen, this one is the most transformative in the sense that you really feel as though you are in another time and place, where a gorgeous faux Chinese garden, pond, and pagoda was recreated within the Met complete with Dior and Margiela garments floating on "water". Below are some pictures that I snapped while walking through-guards did not stop pictures like they have in years past.

If you are unable to attend this exhibit, definitely pick up the accompanying exhibit book on Amazon, which I plan to order ASAP (PS it's $13 cheaper than buying in at The Met).

This Sarah Burton for McQueen gown was STUNNING. This picture in no way does this gown justice :(

Friday, August 21, 2015


If you didn't already know this, Amazon offered Prime members the opportunity to "Pre Order" the September issue of Vogue, which was delivered to me 4 days before it was due to hit newsstands. Along with the opportunity to receive an early copy, the mag was shipped in a "Limited Edition" box. The box was admittedly a bit underwhelming, though neither the contents of the magazine nor its covergirl disappointed. I'm definitely in awe of Beyonce but I wouldn't say that I'm a member of the beyhive. That being said, I really thought she looked amazingggggg in the September issue of Vogue.

Nothing really ignites a fire within me quite like the September issues. As a person that despised the heat of the Summer season (though I'm on board with every other aspect), I really look forward to that first breeze of the Fall season and the September issue for me signals a bit of "Back to School" fever as far as fashion is concerned.

To be 100% transparent, I'm seriously considering purchasing a second copy. 1 will be kept pristine in the box and one will be for pulling inspiration from. I can't decide if this act takes me into full on hoarder mode or not. (Editor's note: I have a magazine "Archive" in our apartment).

I recently had my very first lobster roll (via Luke's Lobsters at Pier 13)-safe to say that I'm 1000% converted. Happily we'll be attending a wedding in Maine in September and my bridesmaid dress is (thankfully) quite stretchy. I'm going to eat all the lobster rolls that I can get my hands on. #allthelobsterrolls

You can view the Food Truck Calendar for Pier 13 here.

We also enjoyed waffles from Waffle de Lys. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 

Congratulations to me, I'm officially a stereotype-I am now a highlighter/bronzer user.  While visiting the new Nars boutique in the mall, I was treated to a mini makeover using the Liquid Gold Face Set and I have to admit that I felt rather fabulous and JLO-like. I was planning to bring it with me to Cancun, but I've been using IRL since I purchased it. eep. 

My obsession with pearls continues. I picked up this very cool, dainty necklace at The Fig last week and I'm so happy that I did, I love it even more every day!

My best friend brought me back milk and dark chocolate covered cranberries from her trip to Nantucket. I would never call myself a "cranberry person" but these are so damn good. They're even better late at night after they've been chilling in the fridge!

I've started to add to my fall wardrobe and as you can see above, I'm really excited to start incorporating colors into my everyday style! #kidding

My new favorite nail polish is Elegantly Wasted by Trust Fund Beauty. Thanks to my best friend for giving it to me! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week Long Style Challenge

I would say that I am generally a stylish person, though not so much a slave to fashion. Most days you can expect to find me in a pretty neutral/casual outfit with killer accessories. I really subscribe to the thought that style is more of a way of life rather than a particular outfit. That being said, my "style" is often lost in the details and can easily be described as "subtly stylish".

Last week, I decided to challenge myself a bit sartorially. Everyday I asked myself what I would wear to lunch with my most stylish friends. The answer to that question follows below!

Monday (8/10)



Skirt; Zara (similar) / Tee; J. Crew / Necklace;  Stella and Dot / Sandals; Birkinstock

Tuesday (8/11)


Jacket; old (similar) / Dress; Red23 via The Fig Leaf / Scarf; Proenza Schouler (similar) / Bag; Zara (similar) / Sneakers; Converse

Wednesday (8/12)


Tank; (Red23 via The Fig Leaf) / Pants; byCSM / Sandals (similar) / Tote; City + Cargo / Sunglasses (similar)

Thursday (8/15)

-Skipped because I was running late in the morning and this outfit sucked.

Friday (8/14)

Blouse; (similar) / Jeans: a.n. designs via The Fig Leaf / Sandals (similar) /
Silver bracelet; Stella and Dot / Black bracelet; Cruciani / Gold Cuff: Coordinates Collection

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cancun Cravings

While one of my most recent cravings was quelled in the form of (the perfect tomato red nail polish), I have a few more "wants" on my list that I'm on the hunt for. The only catch? I'm looking for finds at $50 or less, I'll be traveling for a friend's bachelorette party to Cancun (we'll be staying here!) in September and I'm planning to bring all of my finds along with me while also leaving room for spending money!

My goal was to find all of the below items with my grand total at $150 or less, and happily, I was able to make it happen!

  • Baby Pink and/or mirror sunglasses
  • A new straw tote that will take me from the pool to dinner
  • Rubber Birkenstock sandals in White identical to the black ones I already have
  • A beautiful 100% cotton towel that can double as a scarf
  • Great espadrilles to replace an old pair I picked up on my honeymoon

Vacation Style for Less

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My New Post Vacation Tradition

A week spent in Canada was amazing, it left me feeling refreshed, excited to jump back into work, and a little bit more in love after spending time away from Jon.

Another thing that a week in the Canadian sun left me with was a weird rash on my arms, wrists, and hands. As someone who prides themselves on never burning in the sun (it's happened about 5 times in 26 years), I was unaware that I had sun poisoning. My porcelain skinned husband informed me when I returned home with itchy and bumpy skin claiming that I was knocking on death's door. Surprise, I made it out alive.

I spent about a week slathering hydrocortisone cream on my skin and hoping that I wouldn't cut myself scratching. All was good for another week or so, I was looking like a tan goddess and I was feeling great about my skin. UNTIL I noticed my skin looking reptilian and about to fall off.

I did what any self respecting woman would do, I immediately called my favorite spa and scheduled a body scrub to have my "dry, dull skin transformed to look younger, softer, and satiny". I have to say that if finances and schedules allow, I would recommend that everyone follows up a sun drenched trip with a post vacay body scrub. Not only did I leave with amazingly soft pampered skin but I used my 30 mins of bliss to reflect on my amazing trip and how grateful I am to have enjoyed it with my family.

If a trip to the spa is not possible, you can use of the below scrubs at home. Pour yourself a glass of wine or your favorite hot tea, turn on some spa music courtesy of Spotify or Pandora and go to town with your favorite scrub! Be sure to slather on a thick body butter or a luxurious body oil after to ensure maximum hydration.