Monday, March 17, 2014

Romper Room

My bedding is so boring! I have seen so many gorgeous images of plush, beautifully styled beds and I'm in the mood to update ours. Here's the problem: our bed does not only sleep two adults, it also sleeps two little maniacs known as dogs. Really, they're my furry children, and I adore them but they make it hard to have nice things, and nice bedding is one of those things they make it really hard to have. How do all those fur-parent bloggers have nice beds?!

For me, my main criteria when selecting bedding involves: can I wash it at home, is it cheap enough that I won't be upset if it's ruined, and does it hide black and  beige hair? Usually that criteria directs me to Target in a gray color scheme, but I want nice, crisp and WHITE!

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