Friday, January 23, 2015

Gray Malin x Compartes

I've very recently fallen in love with both Gray Malin and Compartes chocolate. The bad news is that most of Gray's work is outside of my price range, but Compartes isn't! Luckily for me, they've decided to partner up to create delicious chocolate bars. I couldn't be more excited about this collaboration and I'm dying to try both. I certainly hope my husband is reading this post, since Valentine's day is just around the corner (hey babe). 

Two bars are available, Beach Sprinkles (white butterscotch chocolate with sprinkles) and Sweet Seas (milk chocolate with sea salt and waffle pieces). They're $14 each and $28 for the two pack on Gray's website (here). As an added bonus, if you buy a print of either of the photos featured on the bars ($399 and up), you'll be treated to a free bar. Pretty sure I'm gonna buy one of the prints just to nab a free bar! 

all images via Gray's instagram

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