Monday, May 25, 2015

3 Ingredient Margaritas

In 2011, when I left my position at Hanky Panky my awesome coworkers took me out for a farewell Happy Hour. My old coworker and very close friend Erika ordered a margarita on the rocks. I took a sip and was immediately in love and that became my signature drink over the years. I've always thought it was silly that I didn't know how to make my signature drink at home, so I decided to learn. 

Happily, I was able to create my own 3 ingredient, somewhat healthy version (healthy in the sense that there is no sour mix or funky ingredients), which I'm sharing with you guys today. 

FYI- this would be the perfect cocktail to round out your MDW menu or upcoming BBQs and can be made ahead in a pitcher and poured over ice for guests!

1/ Start with 3 measures (using a shot glass or jigger) of your favorite tequila (I'm still deciding which is my fave, 1800 is just what Fairway had in stock). 

2/ Add two measures of fresh squeezed organic lime juice. Keep limes on hand whenever possible to ensure you are cocktail ready!

3/ Add 1 measure of lime simple syrup*. I added 3 lime rinds to a standard simple syrup recipe and have left them in a mason jar in the fridge to intensify the flavor. 

4/ Add all ingredients and ice to a glass or shaker, mix and pour over whisky stones or large ice cubes and enjoy!

*Unsure how to make a simple syrup? Check out this easy tutorial and keep yours on hand for easy mixing!

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