Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I recently read this post on Habitually Chic and felt an immediate need to visit The Frick Collection, which I had previously visited during my first semester of college (hello 2007). I have to admit, I appreciated the collection so much more this time, now that I chose to attend and that I did so on a lovely Wednesday afternoon, with no time constraints holding me back. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to take pictures of the collection itself, but I was able to snap a few within the inner courtyard and of the outdoor garden (visible from 70th street outside the main entrance). If you have a free afternoon and find yourself craving an intimate representation of art in a gorgeous "old New York" mansion, treat yourself to some time in The Frick Collection, and be sure to snag a free audio guide, which really enhanced my visit with tid bits about the collection and its original curator. 

While you're visiting The Frick, I highly recommend making the short walk over to 5th ave to visit the FAO Schwarz store. This iconic NYC toy store will be closed on July 17, 2015. It's a must-see, the site of the infamous piano scene from the movie Big, and a personal favorite. While visiting, I spent way too much money on bulk candy, and a mini black and white lips sofa to add to my bookshelf (purchased from the custom dollhouse shop within FAO). FAO is owned by Toys R Us (my former employer) and I have to admit that I am extremely disappointed in TRU for closing the doors of this amazing store, I was a bit emotional walking through the store realizing that I'll never know the pleasure of bringing my future children for a visit.

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  1. knowing that I'll never be able to bring my kids to FAO Schwarz is utterly depressing