Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Must-Haves: Throw Down

Throwing Down

It is high time that I grab some cute, decorative pillows for my couch. Last New Year's, I hosted a party and ran to Home Goods 3 days before where I bought new curtains, candles, pillows, and misc. decorative objects to add a feeling of "done-ness" to the apartment. I grabbed two pale blue over sized pillows with black trim to make the couch seem more inviting, but I've wanted to replace them almost as long as I've had them. I do have a couple problems though with replacing my pillows. First of all, my dogs LOVE sleeping on these pillows, they're filled with down feathers and are very squashy and cuddly. Secondly, Pig has been known to shred her previous dog beds, and I'm concerned that she will attack any new pillows that I bring in. So my plan is to start small and bring in a couple, inexpensive pillows at a time and see how it goes! 

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