Monday, July 6, 2015

A London Love Affair

Since my last post mentioning London,  I traveled to, fell in love with, and parted ways with England.

I was lucky enough to join my friend Katie in Richmond (a suburb outside of London proper) for the last few days of her business trip. We eschewed tourist spots in favor of eating and wandering our way around London based on local recommendations. I have to say, we had a great time and I ate really well despite several people telling me that British food sucks. I am a little upset that I forgot to eat fish and chips while there, but hey, I live in America and I'm positive that I can find a great version here!

This is about to be a shit ton of pictures from England:

The Thames

Katie-my wandering partner

Rusty, whom I fell in love with <3

Brie & Cranberry sandwich with rosé at The White Cross

High Tide on the Thames usually results in a flood (say what?)

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

I'm preeeeettttty sure this is a demonstration of the Golden Spiral (babe, are ya proud??)

Those lily pads were the size of my coffee table. Upon seeing them, I immediately wondered if Pigz and Harry could sit on them. 

Katie and I deemed this a "very goth plant".

A little yoga in the park atop a crazy looking tree (it resembled a penis haha)

Spaghettini with shaved truffles inside of a PARMESAN BASKET. That is a BASKET made of CHEESE. #amazing

Royal Academy of Arts

By the way, this piece was listed for 80,000 pounds (aka $124,900)

Some killer street art in East London

Spotted next to a stand selling freshly made bread. Swooon.


A charming circle that I cannot name.

This doesn't seem like a picture of a real place to me, even though I saw it in person. It was just SO cute and SO quaint.

Build your own buns at Flesh & Buns in Marylebone. First you pick your meat [flesh], then you pick your buns. (heaven). 

Annnnnnnd tableside smores! 

High tea at Laduree in Covent Garden

Just a few quaint English details:

The coolest modern flat!

GBK in Richmond where I had an awesome veggie burger and shake.

Our last meal in England was a killer breakfast of "American Pancakes" at Butter Beans.

Lululemon Athletica - Richmond, UK

My super talented friend Katie was on site in Richmond to train the staff of this new store on Visual Merchandising. (Super cool and inspiring!)

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