Thursday, June 18, 2015

London Calling & Travel Musings

I've been SO quiet this past week or so, and for once, I have good reasoning! I'm leaving for London today and I have been completely preoccupied with prepping for my trip (I haven't flown since 2012) and wrapping things up at work so I can travel with a sound mind.

I'll have very limited contact with the online world, but I'll be checking in via Instagram and posting here if possible (I'm praying for lots of WiFi).

I just wanted to check in and say, "I'll see ya when I get back" and to share a few minor tips that I've been living by when prepping for this trip.

  • Keep a brand new notebook related to your trip
    • Store restaurant recommendations/must sees
    • Keep a "To Do" and "To Pack" list
    • Plan outfits by day/night
  • Purchase and actually use 1 million different sized pouches
    • Store items by category (cosmetics/travel docs/wires and chargers/clean socks/etc)
    • Use shoe bags and purse dust bags when traveling to stay organized/clean
  • Purchase a set of travel Space Bags (here), YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT
    • Organize clothes by type
    • Use them to sort clean vs. dirty clothes on the way home
  • Invest in a nice rolley carry on
  • If traveling internationally, don't forget to snag some electric adapters (here)
  • Leave your paperback books at home and load on up on ebooks
    • Grab a nice high end glossy mag at the airport to enjoy en route
  • Load up on healthy, satisfying snacks
    • airplane food sucks ass
    • I grabbed trail mix/100 cal packs/luna bars
  • Use clothing rack dividers to keep your travel wardrobe sectioned off while preparing
  • Tell everyone about your trip
    • They will become jealous
    • Random people will give you recommendations

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