Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Seasonal Update

Early in September, I made a deal with my husband. The deal was that I was going to purchase a bag and pair of boots that I was MADLY IN LOVE WITH (to the tune of a few hundred dollars-no small purchase understandably) and in exchange, I would not be purchasing another pair of shoes or bag until January 1, 2016 (you can bet your top and bottom dollar that I have a pair of shoes picked out for my new year purchase).

This deal was made in conjunction with a desire to have only things that I LOVE in my life. For me, it was a bit nerve wracking to think that I would not bring another bag or shoe into my wardrobe until the new year, but honestly, it's been freeing. Now, I don't even waste time looking at new bags/shoes because I feel really fulfilled with what I have. As an undiagnosed shopaholic, I'm very surprised to be sharing these words, but I think this could become a new way of life for me. I experienced the same feeling of freedom when I stopped eating meat and started purchasing only cruelty free products. When your choices are limited, it's so much easier to a. make a decision and b. stay on track with clear cut yes/no "rules".

Novel concept: buying 1 pair of shoes and 1 bag per season to freshen things up and to ensure you only buy what you love. I highly recommend giving it a try!

You're probably wondering what shoes and bag I grabbed, right?

*Editor's Note: In the end I returned the boots. I loved them, but I had a really hard time pairing them with pants that I already own due to the higher piece of leather around the ankle in the front. With the whole philosophy of having only items that I love, I had to let them go. I loved them, but I wasn't going to wear them. In their place, I purchased a pair of custom Adidas sneakers that I will be sharing soon!

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