Monday, November 16, 2015

A Little (Long) Note

Recently, I've been the quietest that I've ever been on Novelty. My husband jokes that each of my posts opens with, "It's been a while. . ." and I can't really say that he's wrong.

In my absence, I've been debating wether or not I wanted to keep going with Novelty, something that I debated with Samm while on our brunch date. Then I received an email from Hover, my domain host stating that my domain was coming up for renewal in 90 days, I could either renew and keep going, or cancel and let go of Novelty. I chose to renew and keep going, for now. . .

Officially, I've decided not to decide. I'm not sure how long I'll keep going or what this blog will eventually become. For now, I have a few more posts in my head, and I want to get them out-wether or not they're my last remains to be seen.

The past few weeks saw a shift in the seasons and in my life and I've been on a kick of cleaning, organizing, and purging. I have a pretty serious case of "nesting" without the related pregnancy. I feel so much lighter and in control of my life and I would recommend ridding your life of everything that brings you less than "joy" (I'm planning to read Ms. Kondo's book ASAP), I promise, you'll feel renewed.

In place of blogging, I've been enjoying mid week days off (I work on Saturday and I'm off on Wednesday) and I've been devoting each day off to a single purpose. For example, one day was filled with "maintenance" doctor appointments, another day saw me running errands to 10 different locations, while one saw me tying up loose ends in the morning and indulging myself in the afternoon. If you have PTO or the ability to schedule yourself a Wednesday off, I highly recommend that as well, it breaks up an otherwise monotonous schedule and allows you to breeze through errands and shopping while everyone else is working-you truly can't beat the "playing hooky" feeling that it brings.

With all of the above being said, please see below for some recent life snaps to bring you up to date. Also, get ready for some fun new posts, probably on a schedule of 2-4 posts per week, keeping up with 5 posts weekly has proven too great a task for moi, I'm a delicate orchid after all!


We attended Caitlin and Brian's picture perfect wedding in Maine in September.

Later in the month we had dinner for Michael's birthday at Fish in Ridgewood (delicious).

My best friends and I spent a beautiful fall day at Warwick Valley Winery and were lucky enough to witness the engagement of our friend Lisa to Joe!!

Harry is just as fuzzy and sleepy as ever, while Piglet still fights to keep her tongue in her mouth.

I dressed as Rosie the Riveter on Halloween to hand out candy while at work!

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