Monday, October 28, 2013

4 Days of Halloween-Painted Pumpkins

I've always loved the Fall season, but this year, I've been really excited for its arrival! I got these baby white's while food shopping. ShopRite is not the ideal pumpkin picking situation, but I had to have them. I love things-but I really love mini sized things!!

 I hosted a brunch for some friends and decided to paint these as a center piece for my coffee table. Overall I was happy with how they turned out. In the future, I would hand paint the pumpkins rather than spray painting them because the paint dripped and also took forever to dry. Unfortunately, my favorite bowl now has silver spots on it (this could become another DIY if I can't clean it up). 

 I had a little photoshoot with my fave little Piglet while I had my camera out :) #meanmuggin 

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