Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Plated-THE Coolest Food Delivery Company

Plated was founded as a way to make cooking a healthy, locally sourced dinner a part of the modern busy lifestyle. Every week Plated offers recipes from top and up-and-coming chefs. These recipes usually require you to have some basic ingredients on hand (salt/pepper/water/pans/knives/etc). Their mission is to get as many people cooking food at home as possible, and with this delivery system, there's no excuse! I have to admit that my husband does all the day-to-day cooking our house (I handle what I like to call "Novelty" baking/cooking-get it?) and it took him less time to follow this recipe than it does for us to talk about what we want to make and then get it together and on the table. 

Every Sunday we say that we are going to plan our meals for the upcoming week and then shop for those ingredients, but we never seem to get it together and actually make that happen. I was instantly excited when a friend shared Plated codes with me and I was able to order two different meals for us (4 meals total) and come home on my lunch break to find the ingredients sitting on my stoop. The tuna that you see above was some of the freshest I've ever had and stayed nice and cold while I was at work-which was a concern of my husband's (he is very serious about food safety, whereas I feel that a little stomach ache could push me to my goal weight). 

I'm a huge fan of monthly delivery services. I subscribe to Birchbox and JewelMint, while my dogs subscribe to Barkbox (Yes, THEY subscribe), and my husband subscribes to Tonx (Love Coffee? Google it)-Plated is a natural progression for our household! 

(All opinions expressed above are my own. Compensation was not provided by Plated, I'm just a huge fan!) 

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