Monday, November 17, 2014

Lately-What's in a Weekend

This past week I received an email from PureWow that started by letting me know that an average weekend lasts about 55 hours. Once you subtract time for sleeping and running errands, you end up with about 8 hours to actually enjoy yourself. This sent me into a tail spin-there are many weekends that I leave feeling that I didn't do a thing I wanted or intended to do. On top of that email, I also read this article that details what super successful people do with their weekends. Hint: some plan for "off" time, some meditate and reflect, and some wakeup at 6am to maximize their time (WTF).

After all of this went down, I made a pact with myself that I would really seize this weekend and make sure that it was fun and well rounded and that I went to bed on Sunday night feeling accomplished.

Friday night, I met my friend Brittany for dinner at PF Market and had the most amazing red snapper, fried calamari, and butternut squash soup-in addition to spending some time with a person that I really adore! (Thanks, Sonya for the recommendation!!)

On Saturday, I woke up to work my usual shift at Powerflow Yoga, which was happily followed by a killer hot yoga class taught by my friend Chris. When I got home, I made guacamole (expect to see the recipe later this week).

Then I cleaned the house, enjoyed some long overdue organizing, did 2 loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, and some more annoying but essential household things. OH! I also re-arranged a few drawers in our bedroom and I now find myself with a drawer dedicated to my sunglass collection (I know how bad that sounds).

Finally, we ended  our Saturday night with pancakes topped with bourbon flambe'd bananas and strawberries. I used Catskill Provisions pancake mix and subbed egg and milk with a mashed banana and almond milk-which means that these are healthy pancakes (right?!). BTW, pancakes went down at about 7pm. Somehow I fit a ton of crap into about 6 hours on Saturday and then had the rest of the night to prep this week on the blog and snuggle my pups. I have to say, weekends kind of rock when you decide to really enjoy them.

Sunday was spent with family and friends. Then we went home, ate dinner on the couch while watching cooking shows and then ended our night with these mug cakes.