Friday, November 21, 2014

True Life: I'm a Bunny

So I mentioned in a couple other posts that my husband and I were "cleansing" last week.  I will admit that sentence sounds horribly pretentious, but the truth is that we both needed a reset on the way that we've been eating. I won't lie to you, I was also hoping to drop 3 pounds (is butter a carb?). 

We agreed to eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, coffee, and dark chocolate. We cut out all excess white sugar, dairy, meat/fish, and simple carbs. I can imagine what you must be thinking by reading this, and honestly, it wasn't so bad. I will say that I have been dreaming about dairy and eggs since I stopped eating both (last seen on 11/9). For a while now, I've been eating salads for most lunches and dinner, but it did require me to give up my regular cappuccinos (I used almond milk instead of 2%) and my beloved Chobani Flips for breakfast. 

Somehow, we survived with only a couple minor slip-ups in the form of shredded cheese on a salad and a ton of butter on a sweet potato (both instances on me). Jon's school schedule required me to prep our Monday and Tuesday night dinner to allow him to bring it to work with him the morning of, and I won't say that I loved prepping dinner 2 hours after a 10 hour workday, but otherwise it was great! 

We both felt satisfied and fairly happy and felt that we were digesting our food more easily than usual. We also came across really great recipes that we plan on adding to the regular rotation with a few tweaks thrown in. If nothing else, this cleanse began a love affair with lentils for both of us. If anyone is interested in the recipes we used, leave a comment below and I'll get a follow-up together! 

As far as the weight loss portion of this cleanse is concerned, I was a bit disappointed that I wiped all the "bad" food from my diet and only lost 1.2 pounds, but Jon swears that my waist is thinner and that I'm looking great (I pay him to say these things). 

We're still incorporating normal foods back into our diet and currently we are eating protein and grains again. We are paying special attention to the grains portion here because I am convinced that Jon has a gluten intolerance. After that, we will be adding in dairy and Jon seems pretty set on avoiding eggs all together-he almost always finds himself sick after eating them. Honestly, that's fine by me because I'd like them all to myself anyway (fried eggs fah dayz).  

I'll sum up my thoughts about this cleanse by saying that I am so proud of the two of us for spending a week eating really well and stepping outside of our comfort zones. I can't speak for Jon, but I would be open to doing this week long "reset" a few times a year, just to help reinforce healthy eating habits. (I can't fucking wait to dig into a glass of chardonnay and some gouda)

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