Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lemon and Ricotta Muffins

Last week, we were having brunch and I saw lemon and herb muffins on the menu and for fear of eating too much (not that that has stopped me before), I did not order one. Then while eating, I saw a fresh tray of them come out and I became obsessed. I thought aloud about ordering one to take home and Jon advised against it (again, out of character for me, I listened to him) and decided immediately that I had to create a batch myself. 

A quick Pinterest searched provided me with with this recipe. With my ingredient list in my phone, I headed straight from brunch to Trader Joes to grab my lemons and accoutrement and spent my Sunday afternoon baking them. 

I am SO glad that I made them. At first I was a bit concerned, I've never been a person that is overly into Lemon, but they just sounded so damn good, so I went for it.  


  1. Um, I happen to LOVE lemon + ricotta, so I'll def be making these! They look so delish!


  2. You have to try them, they're easy and so tasty! Beware: the batter comes out more like a dough than a muffin batter, but forge on regardless, they were fine!