Thursday, March 5, 2015

January Petit Vour Review

So I'm just a little bit late with this post, I was hoping to have it up in the end of February, but last week had me sidelined with bronchitis, a sinus infection, and an ear infection and earlier this week I pulled a muscle in my back and found myself on the couch with a heating pad for about 48hrs. The only positive light there was that I lost 3 pounds, but they're back now so there is no positive light to my sickness (wah). 

  • EVOLvh Smart Start Leave-in Conditioner- I have been a huge fan of EVOLvh products despite my allergy to them. I was using their shampoo and conditioner for the longest time because I loved the way it left my hair feeling, but sadly I had pimples all around my hairline and chin (not that I need any more of those), so I passed my remaining bottles to a friend. So far, this leave-in conditioner hasn't bothered me at all and has really made my hair feel protected and soft after blow drying!
  • 100% Pure French Lavender Hand Buttercream- Sometime during my previous incarnation as a Birchbox subscriber, I received 100% Pure's coconut buttercream and have been IN LOVE with it ever since. I was so excited to receive their lavender version and love it just as much-it's perfect for a little "zen moment" at my desk every once in a while!

  • Modern Minerals (En Pointe) Mineral Eye Shadow- This is my fourth jar of Modern Minerals eye shadows and it's just as great as the others that I have (see here and here). Every time I use these shadows I am blown away by how beautifully they glide on and STAY on throughout the day. I had never really tried mineral makeup before, but these shadows have me thinking about branching out!

  • RawSkinCeuticals Cheek Creme- I have to admit that I haven't given this Cheek Creme a try yet. When I put it on my hand to test it, it came out very bold and paint-like and I keep forgetting to try it on a weeknight or weekend, so more to come on this one. When I visited the Petit Vour site, they stated that this product is highly concentrated and needs to be applied lightly, so I'll report back! 

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