Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gray Malin @ The Parker [Palm Springs]

Is it just me or is every one (mainly bloggers) vacationing in Palm Springs? I'm sure it's just the Palm Springs tourist association trying to pull more visitors into their area but it's completely working on me (my husband constantly reminds me that I'm an easy mark for advertising).

Regardless, I feel like I've seen a TON of instagram posts from Palm Springs (Check out Jenny from Margo and Me's Bachelorette party and Justin Duprie's wedding via his sister Jacey (of Damsel in Dior).

I've also been stalking the "ParkerPalmSprings hashtag on IG and it provides GORGEOUS inspiration images, especially during the past few rainy/humid/muggy days here.

In previous posts I've shared my love for Gray Malin (here and here) and I'm about to share a little more. He recently released a collaboration with The Parker hotel in Palm Springs, thus marrying two of my recent favorite inspiration pieces (his work and Palm Springs). See below for a few of his awesome prints.

*All images are the work of Gray Malin and are borrowed from him. 

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