Friday, December 11, 2015


I've been reading Into the Gloss for quite a while and have been excited to see the launch of their skin care products. I've always been intrigued but never took the jump. I kept seeing the items crop up on every feed that I have, and I've admired Emily Weiss's skin for what feels like forever.

Black Friday presented me with 25% off their entire site, so I took the plunge and ordered the Mask Duo Set (regularly $48) and the Balm Dotcom (regularly $12).

I try to always stay 100% truthful here, so I hope you can believe me when I say that I truly love both of the products (really all 3 considering the mask set features 2 different options).

The Balm Dotcom feels like Neosporin in consistency and also comes in a tin tube. Recently I have been applying it to my dry, chapped lips, but I also used it to soothe a cut on my brow bone. If you only purchase one item from Glossier, this is the one to nab-even better is if you can grab the coconut balm which has been sold out for what seems like forever.

The Mask Duo Set just makes me smile. The product, the packaging, the feeling of my face after-all have exceeded my expectations and I could not recommend the set highly enough. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is recommended for when you're feeling "dirty". With the consistency a mixture of a scrub and a mud mask, it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean (without feeling dry or sensitive) after an exciting 20 minute tingle. The Moisturizing Moon Mask is recommended for when you're feeling "dry". The Moon Mask goes on in a very silky, creamy consistency. Though it feels like you're simply moisturizing at first, it does bring a more subtle tingle as it works into the skin. I'll admit that the Moon Mask gets a bit tacky and requires more work to wash it off, but the after effect is well worth the added effort.

I've been a longtime fan of Tata Harper's Resurfacing Mask, but this duo set has me seriously considering a change up. I can absolutely see myself purchasing one or both masks once my set is used up. I'm officially a Glossier lover!

On a final note, I'll let you know that I was initially drawn to this set due to the very detailed approach to its packaging. The Mask Duo Set was modeled on a Russell Stover box of chocolates. If that doesn't make you want to grab a set, I don't know what will.

Check out the below video for a behind the scenes (#bts) video of the sets packaging concept.

PS. Check out MyDomaine's interview with Glossier founder, Emily Weiss here!

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