Wednesday, December 9, 2015

[Semi] Homemade Hot Chocolate with Vanilla Agave Whipped Cream

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Last week, I was feeling antsy, cold, and bored (the worst combination ever). I thought about going out to find a delicious, indulgent hot chocolate but I didn't want to layer up or put the pugs in their cages (they are crate trained for when we are not home). Jon offered to locate and deliver hot chocolate for me, but I didn't care enough to make him leave the house just for hot chocolate.

A couple hours passed by and my desire for hot chocolate grew and then I realized that I had all the ingredients at home to whip up my own delicious (semi-homemade) hot chocolate, complete with whipped cream!

I will admit right now that I used hot chocolate mix, I'm a HUGE fan of semi homemade treats! I used Godiva powdered hot chocolate mix and I would recommend it any day of the week. It's delicious and the flavor is very build-able depending on how rich you like your drink, not to mention the fact that it allows you to whip up a delicious beverage whenever you want. whenever. you. want.

I like to use a 50/50 mixture of steamed 2% milk (I used my Nespresso Aeroccino for this) and hot water for my drink, but you do you, boo!  After starting my kettle and prepping my whipped cream ingredients, I ran a Ciocattino (chocolate) pod through my machine to make an espresso.

Then I add the desired amount of the aforementioned miracle powder and heat until it's nice and hot, though not boiling (a simmer is the sweet spot).

While heating my liquids, I pour heavy whipping cream into a measuring glass and add a dash of vanilla and light agave. Since we only have turbinado sugar in our house, I had to find another way to sweeten my whipped cream and agave fit the bill really nicely. I personally find agave to be much sweeter than honey and it's definitely lighter/smoother in consistency so it blended into the cream beautifully, however honey will work just as well if you prefer it to agave.

A word of advice regarding adding vanilla, go lighter and add more if you want later on! For me, I want to smell the vanilla in the whipped cream rather than taste it, so a dash does the trick for me.

Once everything has been heated, I add my hot chocolate powder, steamed milk, hot water, and an epsresso into my mug. While the flavors meld together, I whip my cream and add a large dollop to the top and sprinkle with cinnamon.

I'm always looking for ways to spice up my hot chocolate, if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Recipe (Makes 1 serving, double if sharing with a partner):

Godiva Hot Chocolate Powder (about 2 TBSP per mug)
1/2 Cup milk (your choice of dairy/fat content)
1/2 Heavy Cream
1 Espresso
1 tsp Light Agave
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Ground Cinnamon or Nutmeg for garnish

  • Add 2 TBSP of hot chocolate powder to your mug
  • Fill mug halfway with hot water
  • Add remaining half of steamed/warmed milk
  • Add espresso (if desired)
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Whisk heavy cream with agave and vanilla extract until stiff peaks form
  • Top hot chocolate with whipped cream
  • Sprinkle ground cinnamon/nutmeg atop whipped cream
  • Enjoy!

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