Monday, December 14, 2015

Use What You've Got: Cocktail Accessory Turned Beauty Savior

Last week, I had a particularly hideous blemish looming on my cheek. Despite my best efforts to keep my hands to myself, I made a bit of a mess out of my skin. I had been keeping spoons in the fridge at work to mitigate afternoon swelling, but I was less diligent at home. While chatting with my husband in the kitchen, I had an epiphany!

I walked over to the freezer and grabbed one of the whiskey stones that lives there in perpetuity. My husband was as equally horrified as I was delighted by my bright idea. The premise of a whiskey stone is that it does not melt and water down your whiskey though your drink stays at a perfectly cool temperature. I quickly learned that a single whiskey stone is also the perfect size and temperature for soothing your skin and will not melt on your face. Obviously, you have to be sure to wash them thoroughly after using them on your blemishes and/or under eye puffiness, though I'm fairly certain that whiskey's high alcohol content will kill any face germs that may linger.

Might I also suggest a second set of stones solely for skincare purposes if your whiskey drinking partner is a bit chilly about sharing?

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