Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Closet by Numbers

I've read about capsule wardrobes several times and have considered planning my own, but I work in a boutique that offers the coolest pieces, so I would never be able to live with 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. That being said, I really love building capsules for trips and specific events.

I've seen capsule posts with anywhere from 37 to 12 pieces and that made me wonder how my closet actually adds up. I like to think I'm fairly normal in the amount of clothing that I own, accessories and jewelry is where you'll notice my vast collection of nonsense that not every woman owns. I would say that my shoe count is a bit lower than your average woman, I just completed a HUGE purge and have agreed not to replenish. My husband (who is reading this and is laughing about how much shit I actually own) would disagree on all accounts, but he's entitled to his own incorrect opinion.

The calculations below represent only my new purchases for the fall season (which I'll pair with existing pieces), I switch between Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Also, I store my basic leggings/tanks/tees in a dresser, so those aren't included either.

Tops/Blouses: 7
Jackets/Blazers: 4
Sweaters: 5
Bottoms: 4 (3 pairs of jeans/1 pair of black pants)
Dresses: 4 (3 shift dresses trimmed w leather/1 wrap dress)
Skirts: 2

GRAND TOTAL: 26 pieces

26 doesn't sound unreasonable to me, but I wouldn't know what "reasonable" is if I walked into it.

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  1. Fabulous! I've been trying to create a capsule wardrobe for over a year and I'm always hesitant to "let go" .. I've been slowly cleaning out items, but it all takes time :-)