Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Tips

The tips that I'm referring to in my title have nothing to do with baking a spiral ham or removing red wine from your ivory tablecloth. I'm talking about the ones at the ends of your fingers that can make or break your entire look! As the proud owner of 70+ nail polishes, I am constantly on the hunt for new colors. I currently have 6 nail polishes in my possession that I've bought in the past 2 weeks and haven't yet used. 
For me, the whole year is about sparkle and glitter, but once we make it to the holiday season and the rest of the world catches up with me and my like-minded sisters, I am on high alert for what are sure to be my favorite polishes. Right now, it's all about nails and I am a huge fan of nail art, but it feels childish when I see it on my own little nails. That being said, I leave the door wide open for glitter nail polishes of all types to sashay into my life! I've rounded up a few of my new favorites along with a couple that I already have in my arsenal. 

Chanel's Blue Satin is an absolute staple for me, this is the polish that I had on when my husband proposed, so it will remain an all-time favorite!

I am completely obsessed with Dior's Diorific Vernis Jewel Duo, I LOVE the little round pots that they come! 

I just grabbed this baby from CVS last week, can't wait to use it! (Essies Belugaria)

Same story here! (Essie's Toggle to the Top)

I received this baby in my first Julep box and I have it on now, it's perfectly subtle! (Julep's Candace)

I continue to search for these scented beauties from Revlon (Wild Violet shown).

Last week I stopped into the Tom Ford Boutique on Madison to drool and saw this baby and decided that I must have this color on my nails for Christmas morning! (Tom Ford's Carnal Red)

I've been coveting this Zoya Pixie Dust polish since Spring 2013 and I find myself still wanting it! (Zoya Pixie Dust in Godiva)

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