Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Must-Haves-Side Table Symphony

I have a small side table in my living room that sits between  a slipper chair and the chaise lounge on our couch and I moved it to the other side of our living room to accommodate our Christmas tree, and now I want to put a piece there permanently for remotes, drinks, etc. It's a tight space, so I need to find something that is small but still makes an impact. The side table that we have now has a thin gold basket design with a round black glass top, so I want something that is reminiscent but not identical, all of the below pieces give me that feeling!  

Side Table Symphony

Black accent table

Black accent table

Pols Potten nickel table
$320 -

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  1. These side tables are fantastic. I've been trying to find some novelty accent tables to make my living room a little more interesting. It's looking a little drab and it needs a change.

    Susan Hirst |