Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Canadian Love Affair

Last week I returned from a relaxing and fun week spent in Canada with my family (Mom and Step Dad, 4 siblings aged 7-19, and Grandpa). This was my second trip up, and was my Grandpa's 15th. He started on a solo fishing trip and over the years gathered grandkids and kids to take with him. Next year is already booked and we are now adding my mom's best friend and her family to the mix!

We were in Gananoque (Gan-uh-knock-wee), Ontario. It's about a 6 hour drive from NJ (7.5 if you add in stops). Gananoque is just over the Canadian border and is located right next to the 1000 Islands region. We stayed directly on Lake Gananoque at Tedford's Lakeside Lodge. The family that runs the lodge could not be nicer, even accommodating my pescatarian diet and my brother's Froot Loop diet.

Of the 7 days we were in Canada, 3 were spent on the lake with our super knowledgeable and friendly guides that have lived their entire lives on/around the lake. Typically we will fish in the morning, eat our catch for lunch, and then fish in the afternoon for sport (throwing back all fish that won't be eaten).

What follows is a visual recollection of our trip!

L-R: Braedon, Me (26), Kyran (14), Gabrielle (19), and Gavin

In Canada, milk is sold in a bag. My mother got a huge kick out of this and was insistent that I needed to take a pic for my blog.

Just a few essentials! [Sunscreen; camera, facial oil, body oil]

My mom with one of her biggest catches!

My siblings and I are fully on board with the athletic slide trend-our opinions differ on who makes the best ones!


One of my only catches from the entire trip.


During breakfast the last day of our trip, family awards are presented. I won for the smallest fish caught and the most seaweed or "salad" caught. Pretty fitting for a pescatarian!

A few delicious treats smuggled into the US from Kingston.

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