Tuesday, August 11, 2015

July Petit Vour Box

  • routine. De-odor Cream in "Sexy Sadie"
    • While this cream works very well to mask body odor and kept me pretty dry during an intense T25 workout, the strong earthy scent was a bit of a turn off. I might be hooked on this cream if I found a scent that was a bit fresher/closer to the scent of standard deodorant. (I'm planning to give "Lucy in the Sky" a try.)
  • Nubian Heritage Mango Butter
    • This Mango Butter smells like a dream! It smells just like orange creamsicles that I used to devour every summer as a child. The texture of the body butter is a bit crumbly, but after reading the directions and realizing that you need to "warm" it in your hands before use, I fell in love!
  • AILA Nail Lacquer
    • Such a pretty shade of coral/orange. I tried a swatch and thought the color was really pretty, but I haven't done a full manicure yet to determine how strong the wear is, more to come on that one!
  • Luxe de Mer Skincare
    • This Gentle Cleanser just may be a new favorite. I applied it with a cotton pad as suggested following a day where I went completely bare faced. Somehow, this cleanser still pulled dirt and oil from my bare face. 
    • Recently, I've been coming home from work and removing my makeup (with e.l.f. makeup removing wipes) and then running a quick swipe of this cleanser over my bare skin. After a quick rinse with cool water, my skin feels soft and clean. I love to top it with a few spritzes of my favorite toner!

For me, the standout items in this box were the Mango Butter and the AILA coral nail lacquer. I love that their creamsicle scents/colors reminded me of my childhood summers! The body butter feels and smells amazing and the nail lacquer is the prettiest/wearable shade. 

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