Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My New Post Vacation Tradition

A week spent in Canada was amazing, it left me feeling refreshed, excited to jump back into work, and a little bit more in love after spending time away from Jon.

Another thing that a week in the Canadian sun left me with was a weird rash on my arms, wrists, and hands. As someone who prides themselves on never burning in the sun (it's happened about 5 times in 26 years), I was unaware that I had sun poisoning. My porcelain skinned husband informed me when I returned home with itchy and bumpy skin claiming that I was knocking on death's door. Surprise, I made it out alive.

I spent about a week slathering hydrocortisone cream on my skin and hoping that I wouldn't cut myself scratching. All was good for another week or so, I was looking like a tan goddess and I was feeling great about my skin. UNTIL I noticed my skin looking reptilian and about to fall off.

I did what any self respecting woman would do, I immediately called my favorite spa and scheduled a body scrub to have my "dry, dull skin transformed to look younger, softer, and satiny". I have to say that if finances and schedules allow, I would recommend that everyone follows up a sun drenched trip with a post vacay body scrub. Not only did I leave with amazingly soft pampered skin but I used my 30 mins of bliss to reflect on my amazing trip and how grateful I am to have enjoyed it with my family.

If a trip to the spa is not possible, you can use of the below scrubs at home. Pour yourself a glass of wine or your favorite hot tea, turn on some spa music courtesy of Spotify or Pandora and go to town with your favorite scrub! Be sure to slather on a thick body butter or a luxurious body oil after to ensure maximum hydration.

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