Thursday, April 17, 2014


I am constantly on the hunt for cute little toys and treats for my pups, they are my babies after all! I received an email from featuring these cute, locally made treats and knew that I had to share them!

Bocce Bakery is located in NYC and offers small batch biscuits that are handmade with all natural, organic ingredients including vegetables, hormone-free meat, and organic (locally milled) flours. As a pup mom that feeds her dogs food that is about 1000 xs healthier than her own, I love these products and what they stand for. Every time I think about the short life span that dogs face, I can't help feeling that they deserve the absolute best of everything, and if that makes me a crazy pug lady-SO BE IT!

My pups have VERY distinct, different personalities and I'm eye-ing two totally different flavors for them. Piglet is the princess in our house-the AKC registered purebred that cost a ton to "adopt" and continues to cost a ton with all adorable accessories that she needs! While Piglet was born with a silver tag on her neck, Harry is our laid-back rescue. Half Pug, half Cavichon (Cavalier King Charles and Bichon), he is a world class cuddler who sheds his wiry blonde hair with wild abandon and loves everyone that he comes in contact with! Really, the best way to sum them up is this: Piglet is Charlotte York and Harry is Aidan Shaw!

You can get these treats for 20% off on using code BOCCE - don't miss out!

The Elvis is the perfect treat for Harry, our all-american boy! 

Only the best will do for our high-maintenance pup-Truffle Mac and Cheese (a la Cafeteria) for Miss Pigz!

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