Friday, April 4, 2014

Iris Apfel for One King's Lane

I was recently flipping through Elle Decor when I came upon a feature of Iris Apfel detailing her life, philosophy, and her upcoming collaboration with One King's Lane. If you are unfamiliar, Iris is a 92-year-old fashionista and I could not love her more! To me, she is a perfect example of how to live one's life to the fullest. In spite of her age, she is fabulous, fearless, and sassy-which is everything I aspire to be (today and in 67 years)!

A lifelong traveler, Iris has amassed a collection of souvenirs that has filled multiple storage facilities and she has now curated over 800 items that will be available for sale on on April 5th! The collection will include fashion items as well as furniture and decorative objects. I cannot wait to see what jewelry is up for grabs. Even though I've already blown my birthday gift budget, I'm hoping to grab a little piece of Iris to enhance my life and soak in her ethos!

I'd like to leave you with my favorite quote from this article, "Things are either good or they're not. They either suit you or they don't. Some years all the colors and cuts are wonderful, other years they're ridiculous. I never buy what someone says is "in" or "must-have". I buy what makes me happy."  #PreachSistah

You can check out Iris's Rara Avis collection for HSN here for more affordable options!

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