Wednesday, April 30, 2014


My best friend (who is my coolness mentor) sent this site to me yesterday and I've been listening nonstop at work. Usually, I listen to One Republic, Capital Cities, Haim, or Foster the People while working-their catchy songs and positive beats keep me afloat. Well, they can just take a seat, because Noisli just stole my entire heart! Basically, Noisli is a website that acts as a sound machine complete with rain, thunderstorms, rustling leaves, and flowing water. AMAZINGGGG. Did I mention that you can select as many or as few sounds as you'd like and adjust the volume of each for a custom sound? My favorite recipe is rain, thunder, and rustling leaves! 

I have had this website running on my computer for 2 days straight and it's really got me thinking that I need a sound machine for falling asleep at night. I don't even have trouble falling asleep, but I want to listen to falling rain on demand!!

PS the coffee icon provides background noise of a coffee shop filled with customers! #swoon


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