Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Reading Assignment

I was inspired by the Glitter Guide's Fresh New Magazine Guide to create my own! While GG definitely opened my eyes to a few, I've noticed that the Shop Rite and Barnes and Noble that I frequent have a couple new mags that I've never seen before and you definitely need to find them too!

Fresh Style Magazine

This bi-monthly mag offers easy and inspiring DIY projects alongside coverage of upcoming mom-and-pop companies that are creating awesome hand-made products! Also featured, designers who are adept at putting a personalized spin on re-purposed goods as well as Etsy artists that can create anything you may want for your home!

Porter Magazine

Also mentioned in GG's Guide, this quarterly magazine (pronounced "Poor-Tay") is so beautiful and aspirational in the best way! I was first interested in this publication because I saw all of my favorite bloggers covering it over Fashion Week and I had to see what it was all about. Fast forward to a fateful night at CVS where I spotted this beauty and I'm now hooked on it's big glossy photos and informative editorials! At $10 it feels like an easily accessible treat from the incredible minds at net-a-porter.com!

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