Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fresh & Fancy [A Farm to Table Dinner]

Guys, I got into the blogger game as a way to let my creative side grow and flow, but really as a way to find myself attending gorgeous events and being sent Chanel bags c/o. Sadly, my Chanel must be held up at the post office.

The good news is that I was graciously invited to attend a gorgeous farm to table dinner by one of my oldest (and most dahling) friends, Katie, manager of the Garden State Plaza Lululemon store. Her awesome team planned and hosted a locally sourced dinner at Fresh and Fancy Farms in New Milford. Stepping onto the property, I immediately felt that I was attending one of those events that you see on a some blog on the internet (we're about to get meta over here), and this dinner was just that and so much more.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a warm apple cider bar, where champagne coupes were waiting with cranberries inside. In addition to the cider, a cheese and cracker table was offered as well. As soon as everyone had arrived and began mingling, passed hors devours were brought out; I personally enjoyed goat cheese with caramelized onions on crostini as well as pumpkin stuffed mushrooms (several other options were available as well but my memory is failing me).  Just before sitting down to dinner, an infused water bar was set out with frozen fruit and fresh herbs. As of right now, I've signed up to receive the recipes for everything we had, but I haven't gotten them yet. As soon as I do, you can expect a follow up post!

Fresh and Fancy Farms is a makeover of what has previously been Klinger's Farm for 97 years. This family owned farm is "dedicated to educating the surrounding community about local growing, planting, and maintaining a beautiful property while providing a convenient and fun on farm experience. Customers can expect to experience a creative and fun atmosphere along with professional expertise on local gardening and farming."(source) Fresh and Fancy also offers cooking classes and farm dinners. Farm dinners consist of 35 or so guests (strangers) coming together to enjoy all the farm has to offer, with dinner served under the stars. I'll definitely be heading back there in the spring/summer to get another taste of what they have to offer. Also offered is the option to host a private dinner on site as we did here. I'm trying to decide if my 26th birthday party should be here (cue husband rolling his eyes).

Thank you so much to Katie, her team, and Fresh and Fancy Farms for having me, I had a great time! xx

Looking for a refreshing drink? Add fresh dill and frozen strawberries to your water!

Our napkins were tied with twine that had acorns glued to the end. Swoon. I imagine that I'll be recreating these for future Thanksgiving meals!

Perfectly crusty, house made bread was hiding inside that flower pot. Maple butter was served in vintage creamers to compliment. 

Pumpkin soup with what I assume is truffle oil, so damn good! 

Fresh and Fancy was kind enough to whip up a vegetarian option for me and 3 others in attendance. We enjoyed a hearty pasta primavera with grilled vegetables and shredded cheese while our omnivore friends enjoyed pork tenderloin.

Dessert was fresh made apple cider donuts with homemade whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. These were so delicious that we asked for extra and received a bowl of these bad boys (just visible to the right in this picture). I had to tuck a few pieces into my purse to share with the husband.

Every guest went home with a pumpkin, some guests went home with 3 (guilty). 

I was lucky enough to sit between these two gorgeous men, Chris is on the left and Michael is to the right. xx
Please note my "farm chic" blouse (here)

(l-r) Katie. me, Jess, and Chris 

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