Monday, October 27, 2014


So you may have noticed that I've been a bit MIA lately. Most of this can be attributed to craziness at work (we're down a team member and my boss is on me "like white on rice"). Some of this can be attributed to good old fashion laziness, and the rest of it comes from enjoying awesome weekends. 90% of my blog prep happens on Saturday and Sunday and I haven't had much time to do that with all the awesome Autumnal activities I've been engaging in with family and friends.

A few posts ago I detailed my ideal day which consisted of a spa trip, dinner in the city, and french pastries. That day, I decided that I'd do my best to make it a reality-I've been working hard and supporting my husband as he is well into his first semester of grad school, and I just felt like I needed a bit of "me" time (don't I sound like a stressed mother of 3). So, I did what any stressed mother of 3 (imaginary) children would do, I submitted a time off request and booked myself 2.5 hrs at the spa.

The cozy, cocoon-like waiting room at At Ease Day Spa

I visited At Ease Spa, which is a beautiful, intimate little haven in Hillsdale, NJ. Of course, I arrived 10 minutes late which left me stressed instead of completely calm. Also, I simultaneously developed and conquered a fear. Luckily for me, this spa was running a $149 special for a 25 min Apple Cider scrub, a 55 min massage, and a 55 min pumpkin peel facial. I was all about it. I was dying for the facial and massage and the scrub was just icing on the cake. That is until I thought about how I would be scrubbed-which I thought about far too late to back out of the treatment. I was presented with a shower cap, paper g-string, and a hand towel. That was all that separated my pale, dry body from my body scrubber and subsequent masseuse, Jiy. She scrubbed and polished my skin, which was perfectly lovely, but then she had to hose me down like a Camry at the Jiffy Lube (really, I'd like to think I'm a bit nicer than a Camry-perhaps an Audi A5 #DreamCar).

Let's just put it this way, that paper g-string did nothing to hide my "secret garden" (fear met and conquered), but hey, I survived! Regardless, I had a really relaxing few hours where I completely forgot about everything save for breathing and enjoying the moment. After my facial, where my new BFF, Svitlana, extolled the virtues of scrubbing ones skin (and judging me for not doing so at least 3 times a week), I took myself to Lord and Taylor to find a "farm chic" blouse (more on that later this week). Then I came home to bake an apple pie for my husband who then took me to AMano, our favorite restaurant in Ridgewood for authentic Napoli-style pizza (seriously, you must go).

The loafers, clutch, and Cabernet that accompanied my husband and I to Amano

The husband's arugula and sausage pizza (I had the vegetarian, which was to die for!)

All-in-all, life has been pretty great, but I could really use a few more hours in the day. And don't give me that, "you have as many hours as Beyonce" bullshit, because that girl does not do her own laundry, or dust her house.

I spent Sunday with some of my favorite things, a french pastry, a cappuccino, my girl crush-Rosamund Pike, and my best friend!


  1. If that farm-chic blouse has anything to do with the photos Chris posted, I am SO excited for that post!!!!!

    It looked like every blogger's fall-based post dream.

    1. I can neither confirm nor deny (but yes) :)