Thursday, October 9, 2014

Under $40 Pick Me Ups

I have a bit of a shopping problem and I am always on the hunt for the next thing to add to my life collection. The funny thing about me is that if something is over $50, I have to really consider buying it-unless it happens to be a designer item that is on sale for $400 instead of $1900-then the rules don't apply. Even stranger still is the $41-49 price point-this is where I really gripe about what I'm getting for my money. If any of the below pieces were $50, I wouldn't look at them twice. For me, it's gotta be dirt cheap or crazy expensive (my husband has noted that I love extremes).

Under $40 Pick Me Ups

Forever 21 taupe shoes
These shoes look so much more expensive than their $24 price tag would suggest!

Forever 21 black wedge ankle booties
I could see myself wearing these all fall and winter long!

Bracelets bangle
I am LOVING the faux marble on this hinged bangle! 

Pearl band ring
I have to admit that I already have this ring and wear it several times per week!

I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them and their $17 price tag really sealed the deal for me!

Urban Decay metallic eyeshadow
You know that I've been DYING for the Naked 2 palette and the basics version would nicely satisfy my desire! 

Vegan nail polish
Absolutely loving this shade and that it's vegan and 5 free!

Diptyque miniature candle
The most luxurious $30 you'll ever spend!

Beer bottle opener
So cheeky and cute and all for $7!

Women's Faux-Leather A-Line Skirts | Old Navy
I love me some leather and I've been wanting a leather skirt for quite some time now!

Wit Delight Puzzle Piece Shaped Candles 4ct Assorted
$13 for a 4pc puzzle candle set?! Heck YES!

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  1. Great selection! I am using that NAKED palette