Monday, October 13, 2014

My Ideal Day

I'd pair this outfit with these loafers for my perfect day!

Today is proving to be much more Monday-ish than in recent weeks. It seems like all of my coworker and me are on the struggle bus-I have deemed myself the head mistress of the struggle bus driver academy-but I digress. I've taken to following The New Potato, which is a foodie lifestyle blog (think restaurant recommendations from Molly Sims and Jesse Tyler Ferguson). Every time they interview a guest, they ask them what their ideal food day would look like. I want to take that one step further to discuss what my ideal day would look like. While I really enjoy my job, the company I work for, and my coworkers (this has reached unhealthy levels of adoration), sitting through today would not be ideal for me.

So here goes:

  • Wake up at 6:30am-I am not a morning person, but I always feel great when I get up early and feel like I have the whole day ahead of me
  • The husband (who noted that I don't often use his name here) and I would take our babes for a leisurely walk around the block in perfect 68 degree weather
  • I would then head to The Fountain for a massage, facial, and pedicure, then I would have brunch at Sook Pastry
  • After that, I would head into the city to lose a couple hours inside the Museum of Natural History
  • I would then make my way over to S'mac for dinner and stop quickly at Magnolia Bakery for a cupcake and banana pudding (clearly I'm not counting calories on this ideal day)
  • Finally, I'd head home to spend some time on the couch with a glass of chardonnay, my pups, nameless husband, and cooking shows
After making up this lovely day, I really want to actually execute this. Perhaps for my birthday or I'll take a day off on a random Tuesday (which I loathe far more than Mondays). 


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