Tuesday, October 7, 2014

TLC Tuesdays [Breaking in New Shoes]

I think I can speak for the entire female population when I say that now is the hardest time on my feet as I've been trying to simultaneously break in multiple pairs of shoes and boots at once. We've all seen the tutorials and tips for stretching and loosening leather (I love the hair dryer trick) and I know I've mentioned this blister blocker for avoiding unsightly (and painful) blisters, but have you ever thought about scuffing the bottom of your shoes?

Last week I had dinner with a friend and she mentioned that she hurt her elbow pretty badly from slipping down a flight of stairs in a new pair of boots. This instantly brought me back to a few memories of new heels that I've purchased and never worn outside which caused me to slip on smooth dance floors-not fun or cute in the least.

I have a little trick for avoiding these situations (you knew I did, right?). The answer: sand paper. My suggestion is to grab the most coarse sand paper that you can get your hands on and go to town on the bottom of your shoes. Sanding the bottom of your new shoes will create a more un-even texture, thus making it harder for you to slip and slide.  PLEASE NOTE: I do not recommend using this trick on Louboutins.

Don't have sand paper around? Fret not, a nail file will serve the same purpose but will take a bit more time given its size.

I fully expect to see more of my fashionista friends in Home Depot now (I'm looking at you, Jo)!

Image Via A Lacey Perspective on Instagram