Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TLC Tuesdays [Office Supply Organization]

Before we get started, I have to apologize for the crappy quality of the below photos. I didn't realize how bad they were until I had run out of light. As previously stated, the show must go on . . .

Now, it's not at all a new idea that office supplies can be used to organize more than paper clips and pencils, but how many of us have actually put those Pinterest finds into action? I went to Staples last week and grabbed this paperclip holder, this wire filing rack, and this receipt holder and used them to get my bedroom in order. For me, the biggest deal was the filing rack, you can see from my before picture that I had a handful of clutches thrown together on a shelf in my closet-not easy to use in the least. My next challenge is to ditch the TD Bank Tote bag in favor of a more grown-up (anything but this) option for storing misc. pieces.

Previously, my bobby pins were in a clear mini bin beneath my hair ties, which means I never felt like pulling them out to use them.

My clutches were stacked messily on top of one another and I could never see what I actually had up there. Being 5 ft 2 doesn't help the situation either.

Before, my rings were thrown in clear bin which kept me from seeing them and I never wanted to dig for the ones I was hoping to wear. Now, they are clearly displayed on this receipt rack where I can be reminded of all the fabulous baubles that I have! 

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