Friday, February 14, 2014

Discovering Pinrose

I am one of those people that is very rarely satisfied with one version of anything. For example: I own 10+ pairs of sunglasses, 5 + black nail polishes, and 3 + red lipsticks. Why? Because I have to try every single shade, shape, silhouette, and finish before deciding on my favorite. Even when my favorite has been determined, I will have to try whatever subsequent edition is released to ensure that my favorite is still at the top of the list. This applies to every aspect of my life save for fragrance.
I have 4 tried and true scents, each with their own job description. Chanel's Chance is my go-to, this is the fragrance that everyone compliments me on. Gucci's Guilty and Tom Ford's Violet Blonde are my stronger, night-time scents. Violet Blonde is reserved for truly special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and celebratory dinners-just a light spritz of it transports me to a happier place. Lastly, I have Marc Jacob's Daisy, which is my lighter every day scent. I wear Daisy when the temperatures soar and when I'm wishing they would (like right now)! 

Well, all of the above can be disregarded now, because PINROSE has changed me for the better! Pinrose offers a quiz that pinpoints 3 recommended scents for you. Their quiz takes into account the current fragrances you wear, your musical taste, your fashion sensibilities, and your environmental preferences. You have the option of receiving towelette samples of all 3 for free (billing information is not required). 

Their whole philosophy is that you should be able to live with the scent and see what fits best into your life and existing wardrobe of fragrances. I personally love the idea of trying each whenever the mood strikes me. After finishing the quiz, Rooftop Socialite, Campfire Rebel, and Treehouse Royal were my suggested fragrances. At $50 for a full size bottle, I may end up purchasing all 3! 

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