Tuesday, February 25, 2014


My best friend, who is always on the forefront of what is happening suggested this website to me. Considering she knows me better than anyone (this pretty much includes my husband), I LOVE it!

ofakind.com is a website that offers limited edition runs of jewelry, apparel, accessories, and housewares. I live for Target's always on-point collaborations, but sometimes I just crave an item that I know I won't see on every woman I pass, which is why I'm such a huge fan of the limited edition concept. I fall in love with random products on a near daily basis, and I'm hoping you'll see all of those love affairs on this page for many days to come, but I am SO excited by this website that I lost count of how many items I'm lusting after. 

The site is beautifully designed and the products are expertly curated and I love that the price points are a bit higher. To me, the higher price point not only ensures that you spring for the item that you want, but it also makes that item feel so much more special, than say a $35 skirt that you'll wear twice. 

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