Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Where is Spring?

So it seems to me that all I need to feel inspired is a bit of caffeine and some sunshine-it definitely does not correlate to temperature because it's only about 22 degrees outside. I've never been tuned in to the seasons except for my complete hatred of the summer months (I dislike being hot and sweaty). So I'm very surprised by my intense desire for Spring to arrive. I want so badly to walk my pups around the block after dinner without them shivering, and I want to have a glass of wine on a blanket in the grass. I would also love for my birthday to arrive ASAP (April 7th is right around the corner, so get shopping). It feels like this snow and cold is never ending and I've found myself poring over warm weather images trying to find solace in the fact that eventually, this will all break and Spring will arrive! 

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