Monday, May 5, 2014

Jon's Banana Bread

There is a mis-conception that I must clear up-a couple friends let me know that it appears (on my Instagram feed) that I know how to cook-while I do know my way around a kitchen, I am not the chef in our home. I handle all the baking, decorating, and (most of) the cleaning-I've also been known to mix a drink or two! My husband is the real star in the kitchen and has had very few flops-he will never live down his first attempt at Bechamel sauce. Jon isn't much of a baker, but he does have one go-to recipe in his arsenal that never disappoints-(The Joy of Cooking's) Banana Bread. This bread is so soft and dense (in the best way) and is perfect for breakfast, warm and with a bit of butter!

Jon prefers to skip the walnuts and dried apricots in favor of adding chocolate chips. The Joy Kitchen blog suggests adding candied ginger and I'm very surprised that the hasn't done so already. With this classic recipe, you can add so many different ingredients to make it truly yours!

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