Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sporty Spice-Paracord Bracelet DIY

I wish I could remember which blog I originally saw a tutorial for this bracelet on (if you know, help a sistah out)! Seriously though, this is one of the easiest projects ever and it makes for a very cool, unique piece of jewelry! 

All  you need is E6000 adhesive, your bracelet (mine is from Michaels), and some rhinestones! Be sure that you are in a well ventilated area, add glue to your stones, allow to set for 2 mins and place onto your bracelet. A 24-72 hour dry time is recommended for best results. 

It doesn't matter what I am doing around the house, this little guy and his sister are always at my heels. I had to snap a pic of him with both ears turned out while he looks into the distance like the model that he is! #Swoon 

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