Monday, May 12, 2014


I was having lunch with a fabulous friend/coworker/style inspiration when I became entranced by her turquoise necklace. I literally had to stop her mid-conversation to talk about it and take pics (surprise, surprise). So I thought to myself and her, could I recreate that necklace myself? After a quick trip to the store to acquire my supplies, this beautiful baby was born! I consider myself to be fairly crafty but I have never made a necklace like this before and I can tell you that this one took me about 10 minutes. Please note that turquoise jewelry compliments every single skin tone and hair color and it adds a dash of bohemian elegance to every outfit. Translation: craft or purchase some turquoise jewelry asap! I love the earthy feel that turquoise gives me, and I am SO ready to greet the summer with this beauty on my neck!

Supply list:

Needle Nose Pliers
Wire Cutting Tool
Turquoise Beads- here's your chance to really make this necklace your own!
26 gauge beading wire
Ring clasp and closure

Cut two (or more) pieces of wire to your desired length with 2 inches of excess, tie a "knot" in one end and string your beads on. 

Once you have strung as many strands as you'd like, use your pliers to loop the wire back through the last bead, be sure to make it as snug as possible. Once you've done so, mold the looped wire to the shape of the bead for a clean finish.

Gather all your strands together, loop them through the jump ring, and begin to twist the excess wire (cut to size if you have too much) around itself until your closure feels secure. Be sure to cut off the remaining wire and carefully crimp the ends around your ring or twisted wire-you don't your necklace to scratch your skin!

Follow the same process on the side of the closure ring to finish your piece. Style this necklace freely and liberally for best results!

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  1. Definitely gonna try this out! Yours came out beautifully!