Monday, May 19, 2014

Then & Now

A couple weeks ago I had one of the best dates of my life-with my friend Maryann- she of the turquoise necklace fame. We went on a thrifting/antiquing/talk to crazy ass people date and I was in heaven. I recently acquired some very cool, very old things from my great-grandmother and it ignited this vintage fire within me and Mare is the queen of antiquing so I had to set up a date to show her my new beauties and learn her ways. The best part is that my favorite of the stores we visited is within walking distance of my house. Throughout the day I took pics of some of the awesome pieces that I saw that were either too big or too expensive-I have to snap pictures of every damn thing I like. I'm also so in love with all the pieces that did come home me that I threw those in as well! If you have a favorite vintage/thrift shop around me, let me know, I'm down for the adventure!

Then & Now is located in an old bowling alley on Lafayette Ave in Hawthorne, NJ. This place is a treasure trove of pieces. From housewares to jewelry, to random pieces (hello giant stone lions) this place is all encompassing and you could easily get lost for hours in there!

This pattern was so playful and fun!

I found this baby in a dirty, dark back room. It would have come home with me (not that I have the wall space) except that it had a small tear in the canvas, so now I'll use it for color inspiration. 

This pouf was perfection and the tag says legend has it that it is embossed with real gold!

I really loved the milky hue of these tiki glasses, sadly, the wooden insets were all cracked. 

This basket is one of my "for Canada" purchases that had my husband shaking his head. I was inspired by this fishing basket and I grabbed this babe for $15 and added my own tassels! 

These shorts could not be more perfect-they're soft, dirty, and broken in. Snagged these for $7.50. All they needed was a stitch on each seam to hold a cuff! (Can you spot the gremlin in this picture?)

This picture does not do these babies justice. I saw all three pieces in a glass counter and was hoping I could buy the earrings separately-I was sure that I could not afford all three and I really wanted the earrings anyway. When I found out that all three were $5, I was beyond elated! The stones are a cross between robin's egg blue and pale lilac, and they're all in perfect condition! 

I grabbed this chain mail sunglasses case for $7 and the Coty powder compact for another $6! Gold seems to be overtaking silver in my life! 

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