Tuesday, July 1, 2014

7/3/2 years

Today is our anniversary! We're celebrating 7 years together, 3 years married, and 2 since our wedding! It makes life much easier when you can maintain the same anniversary for dating/marriage. So far, neither of us has forgotten it, but I will tell you that this one crept up on both of us. Without further ado, here are some old pics of us (PS. I Love you, Jon)!

I scoured the bowels of the internet (aka Facebook) for this gem, this is the first picture that Jon and I EVER took together. It's definitely not the most flattering, but I can remember this day clearly, and I can tell you that I never imagined that I'd be marrying this guy in the future-at this point, I barely liked him!

The most recent picture of us-my favorite! June 2014 (photo cred to Samm)

Engagement Pictures August 2011

Engagement Pictures August 2011

A completely real, unscripted picture of us. Engagement Pictures August 2011

I think 2010

Jess and Dan's wedding-May 2012

Jon's graduation from NYU-May 2012

That time we dressed up as each other for a costume party-January 2010

My graduation from FIT-May 2011

New Year's Eve 2012

Our Engagement party-June 2011

Our engagement-March 2011

Our honeymoon in Italy-July 2012

Our wedding day-July 2012

Pumpkin picking-2010

Christmas tree picking-December 2010


  1. That picture of you guys dressed up as each other...I love it so much!

    1. It was so funny to see him in a wig, mascara, and uggs! We were the hit of the party until another couple showed up dressed as Avatar in loin clothes with their bodies airbrushed!