Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hogwarts: Class of 2014

You may have noticed here and here that my sister just graduated from High School- with honors no less! She is a huge Potterhead and my mom threw a surprise Harry Potter themed graduation party for her. I had to snap shots of the party to share with you guys, because everything was amazing. I kept telling everyone, my mom is the original Pinterest-I mean this woman didn't sleep for weeks to pull this off, and the execution was FLAWLESS.

Each table's centerpiece consisted of potion bottles, flying keys, wands, quills, and mini owls!

Menus were printed on scrolls and rolled up with twine!

Our cousin made this amazing cake for my sister, from her home!

My mom handmade wands for every child in attendance, and they were gender specific. She's a bit crazy, no?


  1. I could throw up rainbows from how perfect this is

    1. I know!! I wish I could take credit for anything other than placing objects on tables!