Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hickman and Bousfield

When I went away for the week, knowing that I would have very limited, if any access to wifi/the internet, I put alot of time and thought into what materials I would bring to entertain myself during downtime. I originally planned to bring British Vogue and Vanity Fair magazine but neither were available in my local BN before I left so I begrudgingly grabbed Porter magazine. I say begrudgingly only because I was pissy that I couldn't find the mags I was originally in search of. I am now so happy that I grabbed Porter because it was the Summer Escape issue which was so deliciously indulgent to read while sitting in the middle of the forest in rural Canada.

I really enjoyed everything in this issue but what I most loved was the feature on Caroline Hickman, her husband Ralph Bousfield, and their son Jack. Currently, they live in Francistown, South Africa and visit Ralph's safari camp monthly, where he provides guided safaris to cashed up guests (per night rates start at $1200/pp). The story provided a beautiful look into the life of Caroline, her family, her growing collection of safari chic items via Hickman and Bousfield (available here), and the gorgeous Botswana camp (Jack's Camp) that she and her family love.

I'm not entirely sure why this story struck such a chord with me, but I can't stop thinking about it, and read it twice already. Likely its the gorgeous photos, exotic locale, and obvious affection between the three that drew me in.

Caroline wears clothing/jewelry/accessories from Hickman & Bousfield
Shoes by Penelope Chilvers

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