Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Whimsey Box's Gold Leaf DIY

Whimsey Box is like many other subscription boxes out there. Once per month, you receive a box in the mail with an unknown thing inside that causes extreme delight and creativity. Whimsey Box offers beginner/intermediate craft projects for $15 per month. This Valentine's Day, my husband went against my usual wishes and gave me a subscription to Whimsey Box, instead of my usual preference of jewelry. I was so thrilled that he decided to take a chance! My original 3 month subscription ended in April and I immediately signed up for another 3 months. So far, I have learned calligraphy, found the recipe for my beloved  Honey Lavendar body scrub, and worked with Gold Leaf for the first time!

I can tell you this, I consider myself pretty crafty, so I find most of the projects easy to execute. I feel that most of the projects are easy to execute and can be picked up rather quickly by crafting noobs. This was my first time working with gold leaf and it brought to mind a little tidbit that my high school art teacher left me with. She despised loose glitter and deemed it the "herpes of the craft world". Well, Pavese, I'm sorry to disagree but I strongly feel that gold leaf is the herpes of the craft world, but it looks damn good on nearly everything!

When you open your box, you find it tied in a colorful ribbon and the instructions are printed on a 5x7 piece of art!

Everything you need to complete your craft is contained in the box!

I chose to paint my wooden frame first with Martha Stewart all surface paint.

After painting, I had to brush adhesive onto the frame, allow it to dry, and then cover it with the foil. This proved to be the most time consuming, tedious process on the planet, but I really love my frame now! After applying the leafing, I brushed the entire frame with a sealant and allowed it to dry before popping my new fave picture inside. 

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